Thursday, June 5, 2014




I'm close to tears right now while typing this new post. Oh friends, how i miss you so much!!! I miss this blog, my pico character, my pico bestfriends and especially PICO </3 How come its been almost 2 years but it still breaks my heart not being able to play ameba pico anymore. And how stupid i am to know the real reason why Ameba pico shut down just earlier?!?! All this time i thought Ameba just couldn't handle pico thats why they closed it and takes care of their original game, pigg.  I was searching if Ameba Pico suddenly came back or whatever and i found the reason. If you wanna know, you can just search it up on Google. I feel so pity for Ameba and it makes me sad that it's not their whole fault why such thing happened. It's because of carelessness of some of us. I was reading some of my old favorite posts and it makes me miss you guys more :( 

I can't believe its been a year since my last post! Sorry. But thank you to those who still viewed my blog last month. I checked it and there were 100+  people still checking my posts. Thank you so much! 


Next week, i'm officially a college student. Time flies by so fast. I started playing pico before my freshman year in highschool. But look, i'm now in university and taking a medical course. Pico taught me a lot of things indeed. For the past few years, my english has improved and it was the subject i got the highest grade every year in highschool. It taught me how to make more friends, how to be more nice, and the last but not the least, how to keep in touch with your old friends :) Thankfully, i'm still chatting with a few of my pico friends. 

I have to go now but  you can still message me thru
KAKAOTALK (korean messaging app, pls download it!): heyvanilla


Friday, June 7, 2013


Hi. Is anyone still opening this blog and actually reading this? I hope there are still few cause i'd be very sad if you guys stopped visiting my blog *cries* First of all, i want to say i'm sorry for not making a review about the Line Play i was talking about last month. Recently, i just forgotten about playing and checking Line Play. Funny, i know. I'm a really forgetful and lazy person. And my school starts 3 more days! Omg. Where'd my summer go :'(
Anyway, just dropping by to say this :) See u soon

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Over a month ago, i found this super adorable game which looks quite similar to Ameba Pico. I wasn't really addicted to this game before because I admit, i find it a "little" boring plus i don't have any friends or anyone to talk to! (As you all know, i'm so freaking friendly that i can't stand having no one to chat with!) So, i tried playing it for a few days only and i was like "ok! that's it! i'm so bored with this!" and stopped playing it for weeks! (I couldn't remember how many, but i know it's more than 2 weeks) And then one day, MissLindaK, do you still remember her?! The famous girl rapper in Pico lol, she messaged me asking if i do have a LINE PLAY and so i told her i have but i don't play it anymore but she can still add me anyways. Then that was only time i opened LINE PLAY again! Uhmm, more like... giving it a second chance?! Haha.

And just last monday, a wild you-have-to-be-addicted-to-this thunder striked me!! Guess what?! I'M COMPLETELY HOOKED WITH THIS GAME!! I SUPER LOVE IT!!! 

I'm so weird when all of a sudden, i had a feeling of wanting to play this game and voila! I'm so attached to it! I don't know what happened to me but trust me! You're gonna like this too! :) 

Just a little more, and i'm going to completely learn how to play this game! (anyway, it's not that hard but you need to have knowledge with this) 

I'm going to write a review about LINE PLAY before school starts on June! So WATCH OUT FOR IT! 

If you have an account, please add me: Vanillapico

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy 11k viewers!!

*throws confettis* Yeheyyy! Such a little celebration! LOL. I just want to give thanks to all my sweet viewers! I love you so much ♥ You never know how much you inspire me to keep this blog! :)



Saturday, March 30, 2013


Hi Pico friends, Pigg players, fellow bloggers, sweet viewers!! How are you all? Just wanted to say i miss you so much! It's my summer vacation now and i remember every year, when its my vacation already i always post random things about pico but now, i'm getting bored of everything. Anyway! :) If you want to talk, just email me: (forget the other email address i told you in the last post, i dont check it that much anymore) I am active in this email add because i'm also talking to my Japanese pico friend there so don't be shy just send me a hello or anything ^____^


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pigg last week

in my room

I just had a time to chill out with my Pico friends, Rex A & Hieroglyph, not on Pico but on Pigg instead. Good thing when i logged in to Pigg, i found them online! Super happy :> Rex brought me to this maze area and i had a great and funny time there playing with the others. Then she also gave me an orange shirt, fruity bag which is sooo cute! 

I love the cake so much! So i wanted to take a pic of it. And also the toy story balloon but i blocked it unfortunately :( 

I log in to Pigg twice or thrice a week so if you want to add me there, just search:

Monday, January 7, 2013

Brings back the memories.

I just wanna share this video with you guys. I almost cried while i was watching it! It reminds all of my memories in Pico. So right now, my mind is blank. I love how the message says the things my heart wanna say to the world of Ameba Pico. I know i should move on, it's almost a month since it was shut down. But.... you just cannot control your feelings right? You can't tell yourself you're happy, even if you're sad. You can't tell it doesn't affect you, even if it does. 

Congratulations to the creator of this video! Thumbs- up :)

Watch this guys, there's no virus or anything.